I offer spiritual development through tarot, collaborative brainstorming, soul retrieval, and yoga nidra. This empowers individuals to move through the critical point in the next step of awakening, transcending victim consciousness by accepting responsibility for their experience. By acknowledging our personal power, as well as certain fundamental laws of the cosmos, we will create an opening that will allow for movement using a new model for the future, and it will begin to manifest. Our community has great power when we synchronize our ideas from this empowered place. ‚Äč

We are at a critical point of human consciousness. What we do or do not do in the next 10 years will have immense repercussions. It is very important right now during this quickening of awakening to have a collective focus for the future. Because physical manifestation is an end result of focused thought, if we unify our individual intentions, we can create on outline that we can use to guide us in manifesting a new reality.
Our ideas, perceptions, and solutions given to us from the current paradigm will not work for us to create the future we want to see. In order to live in the new paradigm, we need new rules to operate from. Let us forge our chosen path to the future.
Connect: Lindsaysemilla@gmail.com