In 2012 a good friend and I shared a vision. We wanted the whole world to experience the joy, tranquility, and inspiration we receive from the spaces we were creating for ourselves. We realized that in the highly stimulated festival environment, there was a need for a space to ground down, center, and connect with community. After a full day of prayer and intention setting, our dream manifested! Joining forces with a team of skilled creatives, The Djedi Templar was born. With humble beginnings as a simple art installation our structure, The Lotus Temple, has blossomed to a fully functional yoga, workshop, and meditation space with a stage to host daytime dance parties and sunrise sets. Our temple is dynamic and flexible, offering different configurations
for different uses.

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Past Djedi Templar Installations :

Building Man // 2012 // Green River, Utah
Sonic Bloom // 2012 // Gerogetown, Colorado
Northwest String Summit // 2012 // Horning's Hideout, Oregon
Sonic Bloom // 2013 // Georgetown, Colorado
Arise Festival // 2013 // Loveland, Colorado
Burning Man // 2013 // Chakralicious, BRC, Nevada
Symbiosis Gathering // 2013 // Oakdale, California
Firefly Gathering // 2014 // Flagstaff, Arizona
Lightning in a Bottle // 2014 // Bradley, California
Sonic Bloom // 2014 // South Park, Colorado
Bass Coast // 2014 // Merrit, British Columbia
Arise Festival // 2014 // Loveland, Colorado