Lindsay Semilla has dedicated her life to regenerative design practices and a holistic lifestyle. In 2006 she moved from New York to Colorado to explore a different life and go to art school. She received more than degrees in painting and design, she began acquiring the skills needed to be a multi-disciplinary problem solver. Studying with teachers in the areas of, Sustainable Design, Fine Art, Taoism, Meditation, and Yoga, she developed a diverse background of knowledge that allows her to bring a whole systems solution to the table.

Rainbow Bridge // How I Serve

She has been working with a crew of visionaries for the past 5 years, called The Djedi Templar, creating sacred space for yoga, meditation and community gatherings. Spirit has led her to connect with the world and support all beings in a common vision for the future. She is now a working regenerative artist based out of Colorado.

Objective // Balanced // Compassionate // Unified // Focused

Inspired Articulation //

Seeing the means to bring a big picture/vision/dream to the physical plane. Communicating one vision from many different perspectives so there is a full understanding for all involved.

Creative Collaborator //

Working with groups large and small of diverse ages and backgrounds. Motivating children and youth through play and imagination, providing them with a positively embodied role model. Bring a positive energy to any project.

Innovative Director //

Observing where people shine, allocating people to tasks they do best at and feel successful. Empowering people by recognizing their value and supporting them in it. Working with others as an informed peer rather than a boss. Unifying group dynamics and coherent understanding in a group of people Making myself fully available for questions or help when there is need. Maintaining compassionate objectivity, bringing points of conflict into balance.

Lucid Communicator //

Being concise with information getting big ideas/methodology across in the simplest way. Explaining what needs to be done in many different ways so understanding of goals is achieved for all people on the project. Using vocabulary that inspires and ignites passion. Taking time to fully receive and listen to others when they are speaking to me. Being fully receptive to input, constructive criticism and new ideas.

Multidisciplinary // Visionary Artist // Healer

Education //

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design // Lakewood, CO
Bachelor of Fine Arts - Painting emphasis // December 2010
Bachelor of Design - Sustainable Design // December 2010

Trade Skills //

Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Word
AutoCAD Architecture
Social Media
Carpentry / Woodworking

Exhibitions //

2010 // Art Basel // The Art Exchange // Maimi, FL
2010 // human/flavors // Kanon Gallery // Denver, CO
2010 // Dimensional Rip 3 // Wazee Union // Denver, CO
2009 // Women in Art // Denver Womens Chamber // Denver, CO

Experience // Fine Art

Visionary Artist // Current // Every day
Intern // RULE Gallery // Denver, CO // 2009 - 2010
Fine Art Assistant // Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design // 2007-2008

Experience // Life

Visionary // The Temple Project // Based in Boulder, CO // 2012-1015
Organic Farming // Anywhere there is dirt // For life

Experience // Design

Project Manager // The Temple Project // Based in Boulder, CO // 2012-2015
Intern // Associates III Interiors // Denver, CO // 2012
Intern // Institute for Sustainable Studies // Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design // 2009 - 2010